Renovation of dilapidated housing

Renovation program of the residential stock in Almaty for 2021-2025 by the designated institution was determined by JSC “SPK “Almaty” to solve the problem of dilapidated housing by the resolution of Akimat No. 1/124 dated February 19, 2021.

Nowadays there are more 1400 life-expired 2-story houses in the city which were built in 1930-1975. More 60 000 of people live in such houses. Over half of such dwelling is based in Turksib, Bostandyk and Zhetysu districts.  

Main focus:


Current renovation projects implemented by SPK and investors.

The focus covers Turksib, Zhetysu, Almaly, Auezov, Bostandyk and Medeu districts.


Formation of migration fund, demolition and resettlement of residents of crumbling buildings, as well as on frontage lines in sanitary and water protective zones out of budget resources.

The focus covers Almaly, Bostandyk, Zhetysu, Medeu, Turksib, Alatau and Nauryzbay districts.


Projects implementation of the authorized organization by own resources together with investors.

The focus covers Almaly, Bostandyk, Medeu and Turksib districts.

Demolition of 708 shabby houses (6 637 apartments) is implemented within the framework of the Program, where construction of 683 multi-function residential buildings (34 605 apartments) is planned.

The program of renovation of the housing stock in Almaty for 2021-2025