Chief Manager of the Finance Department


  1. Education: higher, degree in accounting/finance/economics;
  2. Work experience: at least 3 years of experience in large financial holdings, banks and wealth funds or international companies in accounting and management accounting, auditing, preparation of consolidated financial statements.

Knowledge and skills:

  1. Knowledge of legislative and regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and methodological materials on the organization regulating the scope of activity;
  2. Methods of analysis and evaluation of the efficiency of financial activity, method of formation and optimization of the cost of production in the organization;
  3. Knowledge of budgeting methods and models;
  4. Experience in preparing and analyzing separate and consolidated financial statements under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS);
  5. Ability to multi-task and work under tight deadlines;
  6. Skills in information systems and tools in the area of accounting, budgeting and financial planning;
  7. Knowledge of 1C Accounting.
  8. Personal computer skills, Microsoft Word; Microsoft Excel; Microsoft Power Point; Internet browsers;
  9. Knowledge of languages: Kazakh - good, Russian - fluent.
  10. Professional achievements and positive reputation in previous jobs, as well as certificates of completion of professional trainings (preferably).


  1. Develop and maintain budgetary policies and procedures;
  2. Prepare periodic budgets and plans and analyze their deviations from forecasts;
  3. Prepare periodic financial forecasts;
  4. Identify critical actions for cost management;
  5. Identify critical actions for cost management;
  6. Analyze income and expense items;
  7. Monitor and track capital expenditures by project and budget expenditures; 8. Control fulfillment of obligations under external and internal loans of the Company;
  8. Control the fulfillment of financial and non-financial covenants on the Company's external and internal loans;
  9. Participate in the development of financial and economic justifications of budget investments for the Company's projects;
  10. Analyze identified nonconformities and propose corrective and preventive actions to eliminate them;
  11. Prepare proposals to improve the efficiency of operations.
Chief Manager of the Project Management Department


  1. Education - higher economic/financial (CFA, ACCA, international project management certificates are is preferable);
  2. Experience in banks, international organizations, investment companies, financial institutions in the following areas: investments/finance/ implementation of large projects (international transactions)/ large business lending and project finance/ credit analysis of investment projects, at least 3 years;
  3. Practical experience in applying various bank loan products, structuring loan transactions, including international transactions;
  4. Expert level of knowledge in the area of efficiency and risk assessment of investment projects, industry analysis;
  5. Mastery of financial modeling tools, expertise in financial models;
  6. Advanced level of financial and economic analysis skills with knowledge of local and international accounting standards;
  7. Confident financial documentation skills;
  8. Skills in working with a large number of data sources and volumes of information;
  9. Ability to write competently and persuasively and formulate conclusions; presentation skills;
  10. Proficiency in Russian and English at the intermediate level and above.


  1. Comprehensive analysis of investment projects and identification of their risks (design, marketing, technological, financial, industry, etc.);
  2. Analysis of the financial condition of borrowers and other project participants;
  3. Analysis of financial models;
  4. Preparing recommendations on project risk minimization and management, structuring and optimization of project financing terms;
  5. Preparation of credit folder, support of loan disbursement, control of intended use of loans, defense of projects at the collegial body;
  6. Participate in the negotiation of financial and project agreements;
  7. Support of projects in the course of their implementation, early identification of possible risks and development of tools to minimize them, regular monitoring of signs of loan impairment and adequacy of provisioning levels;
  8. Work with consultants on projects (participation in coordination of candidates and technical tasks, analysis of reports).

We offer:

  1. The amount of salary is negotiated at the interview;
  2. Working hours: from 09:00 - 18:30 (lunch from 13:00-14:30).

If you are interested in working in our corporation, you can send us your CV to