General Information

Social Enterprise Corporations (SEC) are sustainable business structures that operate to generate profits from the production and sale of goods and services. The main difference between SEC and commercial corporations is that the profit generated is reinvested for social, economic or cultural purposes of the population of the region for which SPK was established (from the President’s message, March 2006).

JSC “Almaty Social-Entrepreneurial Corporation” (hereinafter referred to as “SEC Almaty”) was established in accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 31, 2010 and registered by the Department of Justice of Almaty on August 27, 2010. 100% shareholder of SEC Almaty is KGU “Department of Entrepreneurship and Investments of Almaty City”.

JSC "Social-Entrepreneurial Corporation "Almaty" is an institute of development and the bridge between state resources and business

Operator to implement the "single window" principle for domestic and foreign entrepreneurs and investors. And we're doing this from attracting investments to support the finished project

The activities of SEC Almaty are aimed at solving social, educational and cultural problems of the society under condition of development of a sustainable private entrepreneurship.

The mission of SEC

Assistance in forming a highly efficient economy within the framework of the development strategy "Almaty - 2050"

The vision of SEC

A regional fund that effectively manages assets and supports businesses to ensure economic and social wellbeing of the city

SEC focuses on socially important projects and industries:

Vulnerable assistance
Renovation program implementation
Business support and development
Attraction of investments
Administrative assistance for entrepreneurs and investors
Community facilities construction
Implementation of educational, health, cultural and tourist projects

The tasks of the SEC Almaty:


  • Containment of prices for socially important food products
  • Weekend fairs organization
  • Pavilion Management


  • Management of assets and land
  • Implementation of business and investment projects in partnership with private business


  • Attracting investments through its structural unit Almaty Invest
  • Institutional development of special industrial zones, technoparks, business incubators

SEC Almaty is a group of sustainable business structures aimed at generating profit from their activities

Industrial capacity development
Industrial Zone of Almaty
Solving the problems of capital development of the city
Capital construction company

The opportunities of SEC Almaty:

Provision of resources (objects and land plots)
Attracting investments
Business lending
Participation in entrepreneurship support and development programmes