Microfinance Organization «Almaty»

Crediting of micro and small private enterprise objects

Phone number

+7 (727) 390-80-42


ул. Байзакова, 303 Дом инвестиций, 2 этаж


About company

Microfinance organization “Almaty” is a subsidiary of LLP “Almaty Finance”. Crediting micro and small private businesses to stimulate entrepreneurship in the production of goods and services, as well as profit and capital accumulation.

“Almaty MFO” LLP’s micro-lending program is implemented under “the Almaty Business-2025” Program, the main priority of which is to implement a set of measures that meet the mission of “City for Business and Private Capital”.

from 500 000 up to 61 260 000 KZT

loan amount

from 3 months up to 7 years

loan terms

2% and 6%

interest rate

Main activity:

Granting microcredits for Inter-Republican Security Service (individuals and legal entities) in the amount of up to 20 000 MSR (Monthly settlement rate).
Credits are granted on terms of urgency, repayment, payment, security and targeted use for Inter-Republican Security Service (individuals and legal entities) registered in Almaty.