Provision of food security

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Provision of food security is one of main directions of SPK Almaty, which is implemented by the Food Security Department.

Key focus:

Regulation of prices for food staples
Work on procurement and formation of the Regional Stabilization Fund
Cooperation with distribution networks for sale of food staples
Organization of «weekend markets» in all districts of the city
Regulation of activity of outdoor concession stands
Предоставление ресурсов (объекты и земельные участки)

Instruments for entrepreneurs:

Granting of loan to business entities on repayment basis, provision and serviceability through a contract.
Stabilization Fund – active fund of food products founded for regulation of agri-food market and provision of food security in Almaty city.
«Weekend markets» – weekly temporary trading platforms in Almaty on sale of food staples and agricultural products by local commodity producers and farmers.
Outdoor concession stands – space intended for retail trade in goods, which focus is provision of social security and sale of specific products at underweight prices.