October 20, 2023

Manufacturing industry in Almaty grew by 21%

At the end of 9 months of 2023, the short-term economic indicator of Almaty grew by 13.5%. This was reported in the city Department of Economy of Almaty.

Manufacturing in Almaty grew by 21%, showing the highest growth rate in the country. Positive dynamics was achieved due to the increase in production of automobiles, food and pharmaceutical industries.

In 2023, the Industrial Zone of Almaty (a subsidiary of SEC "Almaty") plans to launch 6 projects totaling KZT 8.1 billion, with the creation of 389 jobs, including: 4 enterprises "Green Innovation 2030" on creation of high-tech laboratory of microclonal plant propagation and construction of greenhouses, "Irrigator Kazakhstan" plant on production of polyethylene pipes and drip lines from high-pressure polyethylene and low-pressure polyethylene, "BSF (Rainbow)" - plant for production of paint products, "Alem Tynysy" - shop for processing and production of coolants on the area of 8.74 hectares; as well as 2 small industrial parks ("D&J Investments & Logistic", "ADS Industries") for the amount of KZT 0.8 billion, with area of 7.6 thousand square meters, and with creation of 100 jobs.

In addition, by the end of this year it is planned to complete construction and installation works of 2 industrial projects in the Industrial Zone of Almaty: "Rozan Asia", "Telli Ondiris" for a total amount of KZT 1.5 billion, with creation of 45 jobs.

Also, at the moment there are active construction companies such as "Astana Motors Manufacturing Kazakhstan", "Halavet KZ", "Qazaq Prom Stroy", "TD Kama Kazakhstan" and "Garant Concrete Products Plant".