September 1, 2023

Almaty Finance provided financial support for the reconstruction of a school

Almaty Finance (a subsidiary organization of SEC "Almaty") supported the implementation of a social project to reconstruct the building of Lakeview School Almaty and build its own sports hall.

Thanks to the concessional financing, the funds were used to build new infrastructure and to add on to the upper floor of the school, where more spacious and equipped classrooms were built.

The project created 200 additional school places and 25 new jobs for the new school year.

Socially-oriented entrepreneurship (education, sports and healthcare) is a priority sector for Almaty Finance.

Loans are subject to the following terms and conditions:

Financing for investment and working capital purposes;

The loan amount is from KZT 69 million to KZT 500 million;

Loan terms: investments - up to 7 years, working capital financing - up to 3 years;

Interest rates: 2% and 6% p.a., 2% p.a. for residents of small industrial parks.