June 22, 2022

Almaty entrepreneurs who suffered in January were compensated for the damage

According to the Department of Entrepreneurship and Investments, almost all Almaty entrepreneurs affected during the January events - 98% of the total number of applications, were compensated for damage. After a protracted pandemic and unrest, SMEs in the metropolis are once again adjusting their operation and showing positive dynamics in development thanks to state support tools.

Almaty is rightfully considered the business and financial capital of the country. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, about 630 thousand people are employed in the metropolis, which has a good effect on tax revenues to the budget. In general, business in the metropolis has strengthened after two years of the pandemic and the January events.

“To date, the regional commission for damage compensation in the city of Almaty has approved 1,580 applications received on the InfoKazakhstan portal for a total amount of 14.2 billion KZT. To date, this is 98% of all affected entities that have already received money and restored their activities,” said Acting Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Investment Chingiz Shingozhinov. 

The city authorities provide entrepreneurs with both financial and consulting assistance. The metropolis has regional and state programs “Business Roadmap”, “Almaty Business”, “Economy of Simple Things” and otherwise.

Source: Аlmaty.tv