June 14, 2022

3 trade pavilions of the “LocoMarket” chains will be renamed into “LocoMarket-Pavilon”

The rebranding will affect only those stores that cooperate with the SEC Almaty to containment of prices for socially important food products.
A joint decision was made during the meeting to discuss the issues of stabilizing prices for SIFP in the trade pavilions of SEC Almaty and representatives of “Fruit Export” LLP.
Almost the entire list of SIFP (more than 15 items) is currently sold in these stores at recommended reduced prices. “LocoMarket-Pavilon” addresses:

  1. Bukhar Zhyrau Boulevard, 64B
  2. mcd. Almagul, 1 (crossing of Zharokov str. and Khodjanov str.)
  3. Bostandyk district, Markov str., 49/1, above Timiryazev str.

The full rebranding of the stores is scheduled to be completed on June 30, 2022.