Portfolio projects


commercial and social projects

168,6 mln tenge

amount of investment of social projects

91,6 bln

amount of investment of commercial projects

Construction of multiple-dwelling residential complex “MEDEU CITY” (Khaliullin Street, 172)

Opening of workshop on coffee roast

Maintenance and repair station of cars (Satpayev Street, 64)

Construction of small industrial park (Shormanov Street, 1)

Construction of commercial premises for domestic commodity producers (south of Al-Farabi Avenue, west of Zharokov Street)

Construction of motorcycle club “KZ Bike” (microdistrict Kokkainar, Azerbaijan Mambetov Street, 1/43)

Construction of multi-function bathing complex (East belt highway, Sakhariyev Street, 85/1)

Construction of social multi-function comfortable municipal complex for social events “Social City Hall” (East belt highway, Radlov Street, 9/1)

Joint development project on construction of Youth Residential Complex “MAGNIT” (Khaliullin Street, 199/1)

Construction of residential complex with integrated premises and parking (Tlendiyev Street, 49)

Renovation of dilapidated housing and construction of строительство Youth Residential Complex (north of Gabdullin Street, east of Auezov Street)

Construction of residential complex “Alma-Ata” (Rozybakiyev Street, Al-Farabi and Gagarin Avenues)

Joint development project “Construction of residential complex “Altyn City” (Bukhturminskaya Street, Kuldzhinsky highway)

Institute for development of national language (Zhandosov Street, 150А)

Production of medical training devices (Zhandosov Street, 150/2)

Veterans’ association “Ardager” (Zhandosov Street, 150/2)

Sewing Room “Creative Center” (Zhandosov Street, 150/1)

Dombra School (microdistrict Zhetysu-3, 66, 1st floor)

Employment center of disabled people (Zhandosov Street, 144/1)

Center of children hobby groups (Pushkin Street, 78)

School of Art named after Kasteyev (microdistricts 6, 60)

Center of active longevity under the program “Shynga Orleu” (microdistricts 11, 17)

Box School named after B. Sattarkhanov (microdistrict 3, 16А)

Adaptation, Rehabilitation and Habilitation Center “RUH” (Kazakhfilm Street, 14)

Isker ana (Shukenov Street, 66)

Sport hall “Box School” (microdistrict Zhetysu-3, 66, basement)

Social Center “ISKER OTBASY” (Brusilovsky Street, 141)

Social Mother Center “Bakytty Otbasy” (Zhandosov Street, 144/1)