April 8, 2022

Yerbolat Dosaev visited the industrial zone of Almaty

Project for a plant for the production of auto components was presented to Yerbolat Dosaev. The new facility will produce seats, plastic parts and accessories for cars, along with multimedia systems. The start of construction of the plant is scheduled for autumn this year. The company also announced plans to build another car plant and launch a forging production of body parts. The company intends to increase the localization of production.

Akim of Almaty has also visited the Asia Steel Pipe Corporation plant producing large-diameter welded steel pipe with a design capacity of 100 thousand tons of products per year (the company plans to export finished products to neighboring countries such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan), BRB APK greenhouse complex with a capacity of 7.2 thousand tons of vegetables per year (in addition to the Kazakhstan market, the company supplies products for export to the Russian Federation and the UAE), a plant under construction for the production of aluminum and bimetallic radiators Valtherm with a capacity of 20 million units per year (it is planned to export mainly in Russia). In total, 71.5 billion tenge was invested in these projects; more than 1,200 jobs were created.

City executive examined the state of the engineering infrastructure of the industrial zone. To date, the Industrialnaya railway station, built back in 2017, is closed by the transport control inspectorate due to the threat of train derailment. Another object - Rail Access Road was accepted with violations in 2018. The construction of the railway station and railways supposed to provide efficient logistics for residents and have a positive impact on the cost of their products. Yerbolat Dosaev instructed to ensure the completion of the necessary work to put the station and access roads into operation, and to carefully deal with the facts of violations of their acceptance by October 30 of this year.

Akim of Almaty also got acquainted with the non-functioning storm (rain) sewage system, which was built in 2018 and was not put into operation. City executive instructed the authorized departments of the city akimat to audit the obligations of the contractor and ensure the transfer of materials to law enforcement authorities.

“We will definitely deal with a negligent contractor, but for now it is more important for us to put the storm sewage system in order and put it into commercial operation” said Yerbolat Dosaev.

During the working trip, the executive also got acquainted with the problematic issues of energy supply of the industrial zone. Currently, the building of substation No. 12 in the supporting structures of which have appeared cracks due to subsidence of the soil, is in need of repair, today it is necessary to carry out repair and restoration work. Yerbolat Dosaev instructed to complete works by October 30 this year.

Akim of Almaty held a meeting with the participation of members of the Regional Coordinating Council, current and potential residents of the industrial zone. To date, the functions of service companies in the industrial zone are performed by two companies at once - Industrial Zone Almaty LLP and Infrastructure Operator IZA LLP.

“To facilitate the work of investors on the principle of “One-stop-shop”, I instruct to leave one authorized operator in the person of Industrial Zone Almaty LLP, the transferred functions and assets must be returned to the Company. In this particular case, one operator will work to develop and support the industrial zone” said Yerbolat Dosaev.

During the meeting, issues of expanding the territory of the industrial zone, training personnel on the basis of one educational cluster, as well as employment of city residents at enterprises were discussed.

This year, it is planned to implement 13 projects to the amount of 13.3 billion tenge, and by 2025 it is planned to put into operation 40 industrial parks with a total area of production premises of 250 thousand square meters.