July 4, 2022

The railway station in the Industrial Zone of Almaty will operate in November

It is planned to launch a railway station in the industrial zone of Almaty by the end of November, Director of Industrialnaya Zona - Almaty LLP, Alisher Satybaldiyev said.

“We have already received an act of readiness of the railway tracks. By the end of November, the station “Industrialnaya” will start working. It will become a key infrastructure facility of the industrial zone. The length of the section is 8 km, it opens onto a large logistics center at the station “Burundayskaya”. Resident companies have already received technical conditions for joining the railways. The volume of transported goods, according to our estimate, is expected to reach 1.8 million tons per year,” Alisher Satybaldiyev said.

The total area of the industrial zone of Almaty is 490 hectares. Of these, 326 hectares have already been allocated for projects, 164 hectares for infrastructure.

“Taking into account the interest of investors, we plan to submit a proposal to the government to expand the area of the industrial zone by 200 hectares. Up to 10 meetings are held daily with potential residents, these are Russian and European companies. In particular, from Germany. We see that because of the sanctions against Russia, business is looking for alternative points for new production. Investors from a variety of industries, such as non-chemicals, medicine, a lot of representatives who work in the construction industry, are engaged in the production of building materials,” Alisher Satybaldiyev said.

In addition to large companies, entrepreneurs of the SME sector are actively “registered” here. The industrial zone of Almaty is becoming a magnet for a small but growing business.

As of today, 67 companies are registered in the industrial zone of Almaty. The planned volume of investments is 275 billion KZT. By the end of the year, 19 projects totaling 123 billion KZT will start.