May 16, 2024

SEC "Almaty" met with KOREA G-PASS Company Export Association

Non-profit organization "KOREA G-PASS Company Export Association", operating under the auspices of the Public Procurement Service of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of South Korea, visited SEC "Almaty".

Mission of G-PASS is to facilitate the entry of the South Korean small and medium-sized businesses into international markets, including the market of Kazakhstan.

As a priority for expanding the presence of Korean companies in Kazakhstan, the company considers Almaty as the city with the largest share in the national GDP structure (over 20% by the end of 2023).

G-PASS considers SEC "Almaty" as a strategic partner, able to serve as the link between Korean and Kazakhstan businesses, as well as the state.

Having visited the SEC on an official visit, the parties discussed the possibility of cooperation between Kazakhstan and Korean companies in the SME segment, the introduction of ESG initiatives in the city and the exchange of market research that could help G-PASS members find promising industries for entry in Almaty.

Kanat Balykbayev, the Chairman of the Management Board of SEC, expressed the readiness of the SEC, as an institute for the development of the city, within the framework of its activities, to assist G-PASS in the implementation of promising projects for the economy of Almaty, providing for the creation of new jobs.

In turn, the senior consultant of G-PASS, Luvsan Vanjildorj, also announced interest in the implementation of South Korea's green solutions in Almaty to significantly reduce electricity consumption in urban infrastructure facilities.

The parties agreed to explore the possibilities of working together on all the mentioned initiatives.