April 22, 2024

SEC Almaty held an experience exchange session for SEC Kaspi

In fulfillment of the order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the creation of small industrial zones in the regions and in order to develop interregional cooperation, the delegation of SEC Kaspi JSC visited SEC Almaty JSC for an exchange of experience.

During the meeting in SEC Almaty, the colleagues received detailed information about the principles of building their own organizational structure, flexible corporate governance, and the formation of internal regulatory documents necessary for the effective operation of the corporation.

In addition to the business model, the delegation was particularly interested in the projects of SEC and its subsidiaries on preferential financing of urban entrepreneurs, construction of small industrial parks, renovation, and their own investment projects.

At the end of the session in SEC Almaty we answered the questions of the guests and emphasized the readiness to advise colleagues on the organization of activities.