January 26, 2022

One third of the affected entrepreneurs in Almaty will receive compensation in the coming days

Meeting of the Regional Commission with small and medium-sized businesses was held in Almaty to clarify the assessment of damages incurred as a result of the riots in January 2022.

“Some small businesses cannot give documentary evidence of how much and what was destroyed or stolen from them. In such cases, in order to receive state compensation, it is necessary to conduct an audit and evaluation. But these are rather complex procedures that take a lot of time, and people need to recover and work now. We turned to big business with a request to help small entrepreneurs, Vyacheslav Kim and Mikhail Lomtadze immediately responded, and decided to allocate 579 million tenge from their personal funds in order to quickly, without bureaucratic procedures, help 450 small entrepreneurs with damages up to 3 million tenge. This amounts to 28% of all business entities affected during the riots. By virtue of this support, we will instantly close almost a third of all applications” said Maksat Kikimov, Chairman of the Regional Commission, Deputy Mayor of Almaty.

According to preliminary data, 1581 business entities suffered as a result of riots and marauding in Almaty. The damage amounts to 45.6 billion tenge. The regional commission for determining the amount of damage continues to collect data on the affected facilities, including on site visits.