June 1, 2022

MFO Almaty issued business loans in the amount of 814.4 million tenge over the period of January-May

During the year, the number of loans issued to entrepreneurs in Almaty through the MFO Almaty doubled.

“Over the period of January-May 2022, MFO Almaty issued 60 loans to businesses in the amount of 814 million 427 thousand tenge. For the same period in 2021 - 25 microloans in the amount of 538 million 942 thousand tenge were issued,” the organization said.

Over the period of January-May 2022, the largest share in the volume of issued loans is occupied by loans issued to entrepreneurs engaged in trade - which is over 43.1% of the total volume of loans. The second place belongs to the sphere of services to the general public - over 41.2%. The top 3 is closed by the sphere of production - 11.7% of the total volume of loans issued. They are followed by education (2.4%) and tourism (1.4%).

If we break it down by districts of Almaty, then the entrepreneurs of the Bostandyk district processed loans most actively - 22% of the volume of loans issued, Almaly district - 18%, Alatau district - 14%, Medeu district - 13% and Auezov district - 10%.

MFO can issue a secured loan in the amount of 500 thousand to 61.2 million tenge for a period of three months to seven years. First-time entrepreneurs and operating companies in Almaty (IE, LLP) can apply for a 6% per annum interest bearing loan. Residents of Almaty industrial parks, low-income families with many children, disabled people of groups I and II and families raising disabled children can get a 2% interest bearing loan. It is possible to pledge both movable and immovable property. The loan can be used to purchase fixed assets and replenish working capital. 

Unsecured loan in the MFO Almaty can be obtained in the amount of 100 thousand to 6 million tenge. The loan can be issued for a period of three months to two years. Such a loan at 9% per annum can be obtained by operating micro-, small businesses and individual entrepreneurs with a period of registration and business activities of at least six months. This loan can be obtained only for the acquisition of fixed assets, replenishment of working capital. It is forbidden to refinance existing loans in other financial institutions. 

Microfinance Organization Almaty LLP is a subsidiary of Almaty Finance LLP. It started working in October 2019, and is engaged in lending to micro- and small businesses to stimulate entrepreneurship.

Microcredit program of the MFO Almaty is being implemented as part of the "Almaty Business-2025" program, the main priority of which is the implementation of a set of measures that meet the mission of "City for business and private equity".