December 21, 2023

Chinese cars will be launched in Almaty

In the next two years, the production of Chinese cars will be launched in Almaty. It is planned to introduce 2 new car factories with a design capacity of up to 170 thousand cars in the Industrial Zone as part of the formation of an autocluster with the production of at least 220 thousand cars. As part of this project, a multi—brand factory of Chinese brands Changan, Chery, Haval — 90 thousand cars per year and an Orbis Manufacturing plant - 80 thousand cars per year will be created.

In Almaty, it is planned to attract investments with an annual growth rate of 10% for the qualitative development of the economy. In 2024 — 1.8 trillion tenge, in 2025 — 2.1 trillion tenge.

The expansion of the industrial zone will allow the implementation of additional projects worth 230 billion tenge in 2025-2026. These measures are aimed at accelerating the growth of the Almaty economy to 6.5% in 2025.