April 24, 2024

Akimat of Almalinsk district explained legislation rules to the participants of the weekend fair

April 20, 2024, within the weekly weekend fair of Almaty SEC JSC on Almalinsk district territory, the event was held on informing and explaining to its participants the legislation rules of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Weekend fair - weekly temporary trading platforms for the sale of socially important food products priced not above the recommended prices and agricultural products by local producers and farmers.

Representatives of law enforcement, veterinary authorities, sanitary-epidemiological control and taxation services of Almaty conducted explanatory work with entrepreneurs at the fair.

Employees of the police department of Almalinsk district highlighted the issues of security, reminded about the rules of behavior of sellers and buyers, called for vigilance and asked citizens to immediately report to the police about any suspicious situations.

Specialists of the veterinary service brought to the attention of entrepreneurs the necessary veterinary and sanitary requirements for animal products, explained the issues of registration of veterinary accompanying documents, compliance with expiration dates of products and storage conditions.

Representatives of the Department of Sanitary and Epidemiological Control informed about sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the maintenance of trading places, realization of food products, as well as measures to prevent infectious diseases.

Employees of tax authorities held consultations on taxation of individual entrepreneurs, simplified taxation system, the order of application of cash registers, as well as explained the procedure for registration and accounting.

Besides, the participants of the event were able to get answers to their questions concerning various aspects of the legislation.

During the event, Ruslan Idrisov, Deputy Akim of Almalinsk district, highlighted the importance of such visits to ensure law and order, as well as improve the quality of products for residents and guests of the district. Ruslan Idrisov also noted that these meetings increase the level of awareness of entrepreneurs about the current requirements of the legislation, contributes to ensuring the safety and quality of products on the market, as well as encourages conscientious fulfillment of tax obligations.