March 28, 2022

A hotline operates in Almaty to organize direct supplies of granulated sugar to retail outlets

As part of the stabilization of prices for socially significant food products, on the basis of SEC Almaty JSC there is a hotline for entrepreneurs to ensure direct supplies of food, including granulated sugar to retail outlets in the city.

SEC Almaty reached an agreement with a major distributor of sugar to supply the required volumes of granulated sugar to retail chains and shops in the city.

To date, more than 150 applications have been accepted for a total volume of 5,318 tons of granulated sugar. More than 500 tons of granulated sugar were shipped to large retail chains ( Magnum , Small, Carefood , Stolichny, Yubileiny, A- store , Galmart , Metro, etc.). The trade markup of sold products is fixed at the level of no more than 10%.

Meanwhile, wholesale deliveries of granulated sugar to small supermarkets and convenience stores continue on a daily basis. To date, shipments have been made to more than 400 retail outlets.

Hotline phone:

+7 771 447 05 80 – Ashimbaev Abylay, specialist of the Department of Food Security of SEC Almaty JSC.