July 3, 2023

5 projects are planned to be launched in the Industrial zone of Almaty this year

In 2023, it is planned to launch 5 projects totaling 15 billion tenge on the territory of the Industrial Zone. This was announced by the General Director of Industrial Zone-Almaty LLP Alisher Satybaldiyev during a briefing at the site of the Almaty Regional Communications Service.

"This is a VALTHERM company that has no analogues in Kazakhstan - for the production of bimetallic aluminum radiators, a unique microclonal greenhouse "Green Innovation 2030", a plant for the production of drip irrigation products "Irrigator Kazakhstan", a paint and varnish plant "BSF (Rainbow)", as well as a plant for processing coolants "Alem Tynysy"- A. Satybaldiyev told. 369 jobs will be created within the framework of the projects.

This year, it is also planned to complete the construction and installation works of 5 projects: Rozan Asia, Telli Ondiris, Prime International, Kapital Construction and KMK Investment (Stage III) EURASIAN X, totaling 11 billion tenge, with the creation of 250 jobs. Currently, such companies as Astana Motors Manufacturing Kazakhstan, Halavet KZ, Qazaq Prom Stroy, TD Kama Kazakhstan and ZHBI Garant are actively building.

In total, in the period from 2016 to 2022, 27 projects totaling 124 billion tenge were implemented on the territory of the ISA. 3314 jobs have been created at the enterprises. During this period, the companies produced products worth 1.1 trillion tenge and paid taxes worth 40 billion tenge. The participants of the Industrial zone of Almaty are 88 companies with projects worth 378 billion tenge with the creation of 10379 jobs.