November 20, 2023

SEC Almaty issued the first guarantee on "green bonds"

Almaty.KAPITAL- JSC "Social and Entrepreneurial Corporation "Almaty" (BBB rating-) has signed an agreement with "Black Biotechnology" LLP (BLACK BIOTECHNOLOGY)" on providing a guarantee for the construction project of a plant for the production of innovative bio-feed additives and fertilizers for the development of organic agriculture. As part of the agreement, SEC "Almaty" assumed guarantee obligations for the payment of the principal debt in the amount of up to 1.5 billion tenge (75% of the issue volume) for three-year "green" bonds of "Black Biotechnology" LLP (BBT), placed on the site of JSC "Kazakhstan Stock Exchange" (KASE). This is reported by the press service of the SEC.

"These securities belong to ESG bonds due to their compliance with the Principles of Green Bonds of the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA), which is confirmed by an independent assessment of Green Investment Group at the level of "High/Great." The volume of issue is 2 billion tenge. Coupon remuneration on BBT bonds will be paid twice a year at a rate of 21.5% per annum, which is fixed for the entire three-year period of circulation," the message says.

The funds raised from the placement of the bonds will be used for the construction of a plant for the production of biological feed additives and organic fertilizers based on humic substances, thereby using them in accordance with the Policy in the field of green, social and Sustainable financial instruments.

The construction of the plant is planned on a dedicated plot of land, with an area of 1.5 hectares, on the territory of the Industrial Zone of Almaty.

The plant intends to participate in the formation of new progressive standards of agricultural projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Consumers of products manufactured under the brand "AL KARAL" are the largest livestock and crop production complexes of the country.

Almaty. KAZINFORM - In 2022, in Almaty, taking into account the plans of private developers, it is planned to demolish 32 dilapidated houses for 278 apartments. This was reported in the "Social and Entrepreneurial Corporation of Almaty", the correspondent of MIA "Kazinform" reports.

According to the official information of the organization, within the framework of the Program, it is planned to demolish 708 dilapidated houses (6,637 apartments) and build 683 houses (34,605 apartments) with a total area of over 2 million square meters.m.

"At the time of the approval of the Program, there were 1,427 two-storey dilapidated houses in Almaty. More than half of such housing is located in the Turksib, Bostandyk and Zhetysu districts. In 2021, residents were relocated and demolished 20 dilapidated houses in Zhetysu (13 houses for 111 apartments), Turksib (3 houses for 42 apartments), Bostandyk (4 houses for 32 apartments) districts. In January 2022, a private developer completed the demolition of another emergency house in the Bostandyk district," the SEC said.

Thus, there are 1,406 dilapidated houses left in the city of Almaty. In 2022, taking into account the plans of private developers, it is planned to demolish 32 dilapidated houses for 278 apartments.

"At the moment, projects are being implemented with the involvement of private investors. At the same time, there are investment-unattractive land plots in the city, namely dilapidated houses that are located on red lines (the territory of quarterly development), in a sanitary and water protection zone and detached with insufficient territory for development," the SEC added.

As specified in the organization, according to these sections, the implementation of the Program is provided by attracting budget funds. Currently, the issue of budget financing is being worked out.

Recall, in order to solve the problem of dilapidated housing, the Mayor's Office approved a Program of renovation of the housing stock in Almaty for 2021-2025 last year. The authorized organization is JSC "SEC Almaty".

A source: Kapital