April 24, 2024

Almaty Business-2025: approximately 40 business plans have been funded this year

ALMATY. ALMATY.TV - Citizens can get loans at 2 and 6 percent per annum.

Manufacturing, tourism, export projects and creative industries. Almaty Social-Entrepreneurial Corporation has financed about 40 business plans this year. In the course of activities of the organization, which carries out "one contact procurements" ranging from investment attraction and financial support of the finished project, about 600 initiatives worth about KZT 30 billion were supported according to the correspondent of Almaty.tv.

Many new projects are underway in the city's entrepreneurial sector. Mattress factory is one of such successful businesses. The entrepreneur, who opened the production site with the intention of supporting domestic products, has provided employment for about 20 people. Workers making 12 kinds of mattresses and 5 kinds of pillows produce about 10,000 units per month. The company, which has been in the market for 4 years, was originally funded by a program designed to support businesses.

- In October 2020, we received a loan of KZT 298 million as part of the investment project. We were given a soft loan at 6 percent interest for up to 7 years. KZT 70 million has been allocated for equipment procurement," said Abdulkhalil Oralbayev, the Company's representative.

Citizens can get loans at 2 and 6 percent per annum as part of the program to support entrepreneurs. Loans at 2 percent are for projects of large families, low-income families, disabled people of the 1st and 2nd groups, families raising children with disabilities and residents of small industrial parks; the rate of 6 percent is for start-up businesses and existing small and medium-sized businesses.

- The main purpose of financing within this program is to support tourism, manufacturing, processing, innovation and export projects, creative industry, projects in the social sphere, i.e. providing soft loans for the construction of schools, kindergartens, sports facilities," said Zhuldyz Igenov, Deputy Chairman of Almaty Finance LLP.

Today, Almaty accounts for almost a fifth of the country's economy and provides a quarter of all budget revenues thanks to entrepreneurship. Small and medium enterprises now form 47.5% of the regional economy. There are many projects in the city aimed at entrepreneurship development. Almaty Business-2025 Regional Entrepreneurship Development Program. It aims to provide financial and infrastructural support to businesses. It will provide soft loans of up to KZT 500 million with an annual interest rate of 6 percent. Over the past five years, the program has financed 508 projects worth KZT 27.5 billion and created 3,600 jobs.

Gulmaral Izatkyzy, Sagyngali Munaitpassov, Almaty TV channel.

Source: Almaty.tv